2nd Grade

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Assalamualaikum 2nd grade Parents/Guardians,


Subhanallah, how the first month of school flew by! September was a month for new beginnings thus, we used this time to get better acquainted with one another as well as the class rules and routines. Alhumdulillah, I have also used this month to assess the students’ reading/writing levels so I can better serve them as an educator.

Here is a brief summary of how our month looked like:


Math: Even though we received our workbooks late, alhumdulillah we were still able to complete Unit 1 and we will be having our first unit test on 10/11/17. In this unit we learned how to express addition and subtraction number sentences using the part, part, whole method. We also began learning how to identify whether to add or subtract in word stories using clue words such as “more and than”. Last but not least, we learned how addition and subtraction relates to one another through understanding the concept of “Fact Families”.   


Literacy: We began working on the rough draft of our first writing piece; a personal narrative. Thus, students are learning how to make their writing more creative and visual through the use of adjectives. Students are also learning how to organize their writing through the use of graphic organizers.


Social Studies: Students learned about the importance of collaboration and good citizenship in our school and community. We also discussed why is it is important to obey the rules and laws set for us. In addition, students learned about our basic rights as citizens; freedom of religion, press, and speech. And we learned about the three branches of the government; president, congress, and supreme court. Thus, we will be having our Unit 1 exam on 10/6/17 inshaAllah.


Science: Life Cycles was our overall theme for science this month. We discussed the season life cycle which led us to the pumpkin and plant life cycle. As we progress further into the unit of the Plant Life Cycle, we will have the opportunity to plant our own seeds in class and learn how to keep a plant log just like a real botanist!


Islamic Studies: Sister Amrozia has been teaching the students about our 6 Pillars of Faith; Iman Mufassal. Students have learned “Aman tu Bilahi”  in arabic and its meaning through the nasheed.


Project Based Learning: Students brainstormed ideas on how to improve the school. They came up with few problems they would like to solve. As a class we decided to help improve the quality of our water fountains at the school to better serve the members of Hamza Academy. Students will slowly learn what are the steps in solving a community’s problem.


Service Learning: Students are learning the importance of collaboration and cooperation in the classroom. Students are learning to improve their “groupwork” skills.


Art: This month students had the opportunity to exercise their fine motor skills through Autumn themed artwork; Torn Paper Apples, Q-tip Fall Leaves, and Tissue Paper Fall Trees


Special events that took place this month:


Hajj Reenactment Day - Our class represented Madinah


Eid Party - Students were able to participate in outdoor games and had a pizza party


Bake Sales: 6/7th grade & 5th grade



Multicultural Day: Morocco presented by the 4th grade


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Hamza Academy is blessed with amazing students who are the reflection of great parents.  To complete this circle Allah (swt) has provided sincere staff to serve them at Hamza Academy who are concious of Allah (swt), and if one slips or forgets there is always someone who helps to pickup or remind.  In my opinion this is Hamza Academy in a nutshell. What a blessing to be a part of this.-5th Year Staff Member
Parental Testimony
"Literary is an imperative ingredient to one's success. This is why the commitment to reading by the teachers and kindergarten team must be acknowledged. The team's devotion to reading is undeniable and in my opinion a substantial foundation for development of our little jewels. In the 8 months that my son sat in kindergarten class he has grown from a love of listening to stories and word recognition to reading entire books to his family. 
Thank you KG team, kudos on the dedication you have demonstrated in molding our little readers into great future leaders."


14 November 2017
17 June 2017

About the School

Hamza Academy seeks to develop in each student a positive identity who is prepared intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to succeed in tomorrow's world. Our students are expected to gain both academic skills and Islamic principles so that they are able to make positive contributions to the global community. Hamza Academy also aims to develop in each student a balanced character enriched with knowledge, inspired to excellence, and committed to the betterment of self, family, and community.

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