6th & 7th Grade

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October 2017

As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,


It’s hard to believe we’re now in the month of October.  The end of the first marking period is fast approaching.  The seasons are changing and so are the 6th and 7th class in a positive way.  We have a very diverse and exciting group of students and we’re getting adjusted to our surroundings, our routines and schedules.





Alhamdulillah!  The 6th/7th Grade received 2nd place for the T-shirt competition during Spirit Week.  They designed their T-shirts, developed a slogan and worked on a chant.  The special students embody their own slogan:  ‘Hamza Academy students are flowers. They sprout, bloom and grow with power.’



A THUMBS-UP TO OUR TOUR GUIDES:  As Hajj Tour Guides for the Re-enactment in mid-September, the 6/7 Grade was well-informed with the rites of Hajj and was able to communicate each station to their younger peers.  Great job – Hujjaj in Waiting (InshaAllah).





ELA.  We’ve started defining sentences, sentence fragments and run-ons, subject and predicate; spelling words with ('ed,' 'ing' endings).  They are also learning Greek and Latin roots and affixes.  This will help students develop a larger and stronger vocabulary since the literature they are reading will include more sophisticated language.   The students have begun learning about narrative writing and peer editing.



Place Value / Exponents:  The students are off to a great start!! They’ve demonstrated how to write very large whole numbers four different ways and decimals four different ways (standard form, short-word form, expanded form and word form).  The 7th grade students are working with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing integers.   


The 6th and 7th Grade speak “Art-eese”

The 6th grade is examining the concept of visual art involving how colors can affect a person’s mood.  The 7th grade is highlighting the technology and resources that were used during the 1920s and 1930s eras and analyzing the historical background of cartoons between the 1920s and the 1930s. 


Social Studies:  Can you give accurate directions to go from Masjid Hamza to Key Food to someone who doesn’t know the area?  This was one of many things the 6th grade learned this month in Map Skills – from types of maps, the difference between GPS and GIS, Maps and Globes and the Themes of Geography.

Did Christopher Columbus really ‘discover’ America?  The 7th Grade can tell you the people who were in America before Columbus and their contributions and accomplishments to society



The 6th and 7th Grade began their Islamic curriculum by reinforcing obedience and respect for our parents, those in authority and our elders.  Next is the importance of helping those in need.  We will also be discussing Islam’s prohibition of celebrating Halloween.


* Good Handwashing

* Avoid Touching Your Mouth, Nose, and Eyes

* When Coughing or Sneezing, Use a Tissue, Your Elbow, or Shirt Sleeve

* Stay Home if Flu Like Symptoms Develop.





Middle school students are expected to manage multiple assignments and deadlines. Your child can stay organized with these practical tips. 1) Recommend that your son/daughter start on each project the day it’s assigned. A good first step is to list the tasks required (get supplies, do a rough draft), along with a deadline for each. Idea: Your son/daughter and a classmate could check in daily on each other’s progress to stay on track. 2) Turn in assignments. Encourage your son/daughter to immediately place finished work in the backpack. Before bed, h/she should put the backpack and other needed items by the door



Please encourage your son/daughter to think of his/her student planner as the sidekick on a journey through middle school.  One suggestion is that one color is used to write required tasks (homework, band practice) and another color for recreation (i.e., visiting friends, etc).  Work with your child to tell him/her in advance about appointments or family events so it can be included in the planner too.   Having all of your child’s commitments written down in one spot will let him/her see them at a glance to always know what’s ahead.





Please feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions or concerns.

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Hamza Academy is blessed with amazing students who are the reflection of great parents.  To complete this circle Allah (swt) has provided sincere staff to serve them at Hamza Academy who are concious of Allah (swt), and if one slips or forgets there is always someone who helps to pickup or remind.  In my opinion this is Hamza Academy in a nutshell. What a blessing to be a part of this.-5th Year Staff Member
Parental Testimony
"Literary is an imperative ingredient to one's success. This is why the commitment to reading by the teachers and kindergarten team must be acknowledged. The team's devotion to reading is undeniable and in my opinion a substantial foundation for development of our little jewels. In the 8 months that my son sat in kindergarten class he has grown from a love of listening to stories and word recognition to reading entire books to his family. 
Thank you KG team, kudos on the dedication you have demonstrated in molding our little readers into great future leaders."


14 November 2017
17 June 2017

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Hamza Academy seeks to develop in each student a positive identity who is prepared intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to succeed in tomorrow's world. Our students are expected to gain both academic skills and Islamic principles so that they are able to make positive contributions to the global community. Hamza Academy also aims to develop in each student a balanced character enriched with knowledge, inspired to excellence, and committed to the betterment of self, family, and community.

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